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Maryland High School Rodeo Association

​​​​​Membership Information

MDHSRA Student Membership- all participating riders in sanctioned rodeos must be active members of the NHSRA.  Students can compete in other states events and can earn points based on agreements between the state associations. MDHSRA Adult/Alumni Membership - this membership type is for adults who are not a parent or guardian of a participating student. This membership allows the member one vote at the general membership meetings. For Membership information please contact us at

​​What are the membership requirements?
**New members must submit the minors release and the MD packet with payment (see How to Join page).  In addition, High School and Junior High School members must also register on the new NHSRA online membership site.  

Students must be in good standing; not ruled undesirable for misconduct at school. Students (high school division) must be under 20 at the first of the National High School Rodeo year (August 1), and are or have been enrolled in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade the year just preceding the National Rodeo the contestant is entering as long as they (minimum requirements) have made passing grades in 4 subjects or if carrying less than 4 subjects student must have passing grades in all subjects, even if they have graduated in the middle of the year or have attended school on half-days, they will be eligible to compete in National High School Rodeo through the National High School Finals Rodeo if he/she has not participated for more than four (4) years. Each State/Province Association may adopt their state/province academic policy for grade or credit requirements. Any student attending schools which apply to high school credits is eligible if he/she meets all other requirements. A graduate of High School is not eligible for membership of NHSRA after the completion of the National High School Finals Rodeo immediately following their graduating from High School. Students must include a copy of their current high school grade and age certificate with their application for membership in a State/Provincial organization. We also have junior high/middle school and elementary school membership options.

If I am enrolled in home school, an I eligible for membership?
Yes. Students attending a home school, private school, religious school or correspondence
school are eligible for membership if the school is recognized and approved by the state/province
board of education in the state/province the member is applying for membership.

What are the membership dues?
High School Membership: $175 (including national fees). The breakdown of the membership
dues for high school students at the national level is as follows: $35.00 - National Dues
$15.00 - NHSRA Times subscription ($25 for Canada and Australia) $74.00 - Insurance.

Junior High Membership: $131.00 (including national fees) The breakdown of the membership
dues for junior high school students at tbe national level is as follows: $30.00 - National Dues
​$15.00 - NHSRA Times subscription ($25 for Canada and Australia) $35.00 - Insurance.

Elementary School (Mustangs): $75.00 - Elementary school events are scaled down from the high school and junior high for safety and training purposes - contact us for more information.

Adult Membership: $40

**All prices subject to change Non-competing membership fees are also available. 

Can I join if I cannot or do not want to compete?
Yes, the National High School Rodeo Association has a non-competing student membership that is open to any high school student who has a desire to support high school rodeo and has an interest to become involved with the sport on the local, state/province or national level but is unable to be an actual competing member for whatever reason. Non-competing members will receive a monthly subscription to the NHSRA TIMES, the official newspaper of the NHSRA; will receive the opportunity to become involved with local club, state/province association and national association activities; will receive a medical insurance policy to aid the non-competing member if he/she becomes injured while assisting at NHSRA sanctioned activities or rodeos; will receive an opportunity to earn college scholarships through the Non-Competing Member of the Year program; and, will receive additional state/provincial benefits such as newsletters, etc. All non-competing members must meet current NHSRA grade and conduct requirements just as in the case with contestant members. States/provinces that are divided into districts and/or regions may also include an additional amount for district/regional dues. The insurance is mandatory so that the student is covered while assisting with NHSRA sanctioned rodeos.

Why do I have to purchase insurance when my parents already have coverage?
The NHSRA requires that every member has medical insurance. Due to the fact that most family's medical coverage is through an employer and people are constantly changing jobs, it would be an impossible task for the NHSRA to check that all members have coverage throughout the year. By requiring the purchase of the medical coverage through the association, the NHSRA is assured that all members have minimal medical insurance. Canadian members are not required to purchase the insurance because the Canadian government has a program that provides all citizens of that country medical coverage regardless of their employment status.

My school does not have a rodeo club, can I still join the NHSRA?
Participating in a rodeo club through your school is not mandatory and is not a requirement of membership.

Can I earn college scholarships?
Yes. Every year, the NHSRA awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships on the state/provincial and national levels.

What if I'm too old or too young to join the NHSRA?
There are several other rodeo associations available to those persons not eligible for the NHSRA. For those to young to join the NHSRA, contact the National Little Britches Rodeo Association at (719) 389-0333. The NLBRA offers competition from ages 8-18. If you are too old to join the NHSRA and are in college, contact the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association at (509) 529-4402. The NIRA offers rodeo opportunities to college athletes. If you wish to compete professionally, contact the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association at (719) 593-8840; the Women's Pro Rodeo Association (WPRA/PWRA) at (719) 576-0900; or the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association at (403) 250-7440. There are also numerous rodeo associations and groups that operate on a local basis. Check your area for these organizations.

Can I be a member of other association besides NHSRA?
Yes. National High School Rodeo Association contestants may belong to and participate in professional or non-professional organizations.

See "Forms" page for membership documents